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Disciplined investing will build wealth. I boil this down to 5 key rules

You can learn much from the investing greats. Buffett, and Lynch are 2 that I particularly admire.

Successful investing is as much about controlling your mind as it is picking the right stocks.

Running to a crisis, while counterintuitive can literally pay major dividends.

Don’t forget to look overseas for your investments. There are a bunch of reasons why you should. Here’s a guide to consider .

Diversification is important, but just don’t overdo it.

Everyone makes investing mistakes. I’ve made a bunch of them in the past.


Dividend investing creates wealth – clear and simple.

You can also generate better total returns compared to an index fund with dividends.  I’ve been able to outperform over the last 10 years.

Look for companies with strong moats. They’ll give you confidence that the dividends are sustainable. Here’s some examples of how to find companies with moats, and make sure they’re not broken!

Different dividend players have different roles to play in your dividend portfolio – take some time to understand them. I use my own Dividend Zone to identify attractive targets.

Building a diversified dividend income stream can take a considerable amount of time, but can be worth it- here’s my journey to $25k/yr+

While you can do just fine with large cap dividend stocks, small cap dividends can be hidden gems

High quality dividend stocks can be found in healthcare, consumer staples, technology, retail, financial services.

Are you convinced a dividend strategy makes sense? Then here’s how you get started building a portfolio and the way I construct mine.

Are you a younger investor? I think you can afford to think a little differently about your dividend portfolio.

So you’re now addicted to growing your dividend machine and want to accelerate? Here’s how

All my current investments and dividends can be seen here.

Alternative Investments

Growth stocks can play a big role in your portfolio. Here’s how to evaluate them and what makes up my current growth portfolio.

Ever considered your own Venture Fund? Here’s what I look for in mine and what I currently hold.

Index funds can have a place in your portfolio if you don’t prefer a more active approach.

If you do have to have managed funds in your portfolio, here’s what to be aware of


Don’t be afraid to periodically revisit your investment strategy, it may help boost your wealth

Something like Personal Capital can be very useful to manage your wealth picture and crash test your portfolio. Best of all, it’s free!

We all want wealth. Here’s how I think you  build wealth young.

Making sensible decisions during your working years will help further accelerate wealth. Here’s how

You’ll need to ‘invest in time’ if you really want to maximize wealth.

What should you be worth at any given time? Here are my thoughts.

Wealth is really an individual concept/notion. Are you wealthy?


Is it possible to enjoy “retirement benefits” while not in retirement? I think so, in fact I feel I’m already enjoying them.

There’s nothing wrong with downshifting your career early. In fact it may help you enjoy a very happy, active career and make you think twice about early retirement….. it may even make you want to turn down higher paying jobs.

Tax sheltered funds generate significant growth – I expect an increase in my own allocation will create a huge windfall.

Retiring early does have it’s downsides and challenges. Here are my thoughts on what these challenges are here and here.

So what’s early retirement? Can you retire at 40? How about retiring at 30? If you want to even get anywhere close to this, you better start your retirement planning early.

A better retirement could be staring you in the face….. with dividend income.


If you don’t want to carry a huge chunk of risk in your daily life than you need to consider various types of insurance.

Having a emergency fund is a general way to insure yourself for unexpected situations, but I’ve got better alternatives.

Life insurance is something we all need to think about at various points in life. In particular, it’s something to reevaluate as you pass through specific life stages.

Health insurance is probably the biggest drain of all. Make sure you take time to compare prices eHealthInsurance – FREE Instant Quotes!


Credit cards aren’t evil. They can provide you with a bunch of benefits, some of which most people aren’t aware of. They just need to be used carefully.

Checking credit scores regularly is a must. It’s easy, it’s important, and best of all, it’s at least free to try with services such

As I found out not too long ago, a poor or not existent credit score can make your life hell.


Debt isn’t all bad, in fact, it can be positively good!

Could there be circumstances where you’d even consider increasing your debt? I was pondering this just recently.

I’ve used debt to juice my stock portfolio….but you need to proceed carefully with this.

My Perspectives

My thoughts on managing and streamlining your finances can be found here
My thoughts on investments and personal finances can be found here 

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I’ve found having a blog provides a great way to interchange ideas with a lot of people. In fact, I credit my blog for helping us find another $500k.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my 1st year blogging. It’s been one of my great joys and highlights to interact with a bunch of folks and share thoughts and ideas on topics of interest in finance.

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