The Integrator 50k fund !

Introducing the Integrator 50k fund ! This is the current dividend portfolio that i am hoping will be the backbone of what gets me to $50k/pa dividends in 2018


The portfolio is currently very heavily dominated  with Australian dividend stocks, with a few US and international stocks . Several years ago, this was much more balanced with 50% US stocks and 50% Australian, but I made a decision to put most of my capital in Australia because the yields and dividend growth were better than what I was receiving on my US stocks.

I’ve come full circle now and feel like I have achieved what I want to with my Australian dividend portfolio and now will let this grow organically (no additional investment). The portfolio needs some international diversification so I now intend to invest my Australian dividends into US and international dividend stocks to get to my $50k goal.

Many of the Australian stocks are traded on US exchanges (probably about 50% of the stocks i hold), so for information purposes and so others can track and research these themselves, I have listed the relevant “US stock codes” or ADR codes that are relevant for these stocks.

Those stocks that are only traded on the Australian stock exchange are called out with the code: ASX in front of them. The current forecast dividend income for the portfolio in 2013 is $27,230.

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