The Integrator 50k fund !

Introducing the Integrator 50k fund ! This is the current dividend portfolio that i am hoping will be the backbone of what gets me to $50k/pa dividends in 2018


The portfolio is currently very heavily dominated  with Australian dividend stocks, with a few US and international stocks . Several years ago, this was much more balanced with 50% US stocks and 50% Australian, but I made a decision to put most of my capital in Australia because the yields and dividend growth were better than what I was receiving on my US stocks.

I’ve come full circle now and feel like I have achieved what I want to with my Australian dividend portfolio and now will let this grow organically (no additional investment). The portfolio needs some international diversification so I now intend to invest my Australian dividends into US and international dividend stocks to get to my $50k goal.

Many of the Australian stocks are traded on US exchanges (probably about 50% of the stocks i hold), so for information purposes and so others can track and research these themselves, I have listed the relevant “US stock codes” or ADR codes that are relevant for these stocks.

Those stocks that are only traded on the Australian stock exchange are called out with the code: ASX in front of them. The current forecast dividend income for the portfolio in 2013 is $27,230.


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  2. Your portfolio is quite interesting — it is different from all of the other dividend growth stock portfolios I’ve seen, which is nice because it provides food for thought. I will need to take a look at some of the Australian stocks you mention.

    Congratulations on getting over $25K in dividends annually and best wishes as you work toward $50K.

    • Integrator says:

      Thanks DGM!. The portfolio is very heavily influenced by Australian stocks right now. Only 3-4 years ago, I probably had an equal mix of Australian and US stocks, but felt I could get better yield and growth from the Australian market (particularly from some of the small & mid cap Australian dividend stocks which are a small part of my portfolio). I am reinvesting my Australian dividends back into US and other international stocks to provide some better diversification and smoothen out the Australian currency exposure. It made sense to be overweighted Australian equities before with an imminent return back to Australia expected to take place, but now, not so sure, so need to be better protected currency wise!.

      I’ve been watching your progress keenly as well, so best of luck to you in hitting your dividend goals, both near and long term.

  3. Integrator,

    Coming over from your article on Seeking

    This portfolio is different than what I have seen, with much more focus on ASX equities.

    My individual stock holdings are mostly US based, but many have exposure to emerging and developed markets all over the world. Companies like KO, MCD, JNJ, and YUM.

    What I’ve had troubled with is adding international exposure to small cap and mid cap international companies. I had to resort to using international ETFs and paying the annual expense ratio in order to get access to the many great companies around the world.

    Have you thought about adding etfs to the portfolio to increase your international exposure even more?


    • Integrator says:

      Hi Larry,

      Thanks for coming by. One of the big reasons why I looked to deploy much of my capital in Australian equities was precisely to get stronger dividend growth from mid caps and small caps. While I find it easier to invest in small and mid caps internationally, dividend paying companies in those categories are extremely difficult to access.

      The thing I struggle with regarding ETF’s is that the Expense Ratios are high, as you point out, and sometimes I’m not happy with the mix of stuff that’s in the ETF. I analyze each company that goes into my portfolio for strength of moat, cash flow generation etc, and I can’t do that with an ETF. Having said that, I have invested in country ETF’s in the past like (IFN- India fund etc) though I don’t anymore. I guess that’s why I’ve resorted to picking individual mid cap stocks like my Australian holdings, or MELI in Latin America. They are few and far between, and generally require more work, but its an approach I’m comfortable with.

      • Robert Burke says:

        Hi integrator,

        Found you over at Alpha. I’m working on the same goal as you. However my goal is $70k. I live in Canada. You should take a look at some Canadian stocks. You’ll have less currency risk. Such asBCE, Brookfield Group of companies (BIP, BEP, BAM), the banks (TD, RY), Enbridge, VET, NWC. Boring, but safe and good dividend growers.

        Anyways, I’ll be following you faithfully. Good Luck

        • Integrator says:

          Hi Robert,

          Thanks for swinging by and for the comment. I’ll definitely check out the stocks that you mention. I could do with some additional steady dividend growers for the portfolio! Best of luck with your goal also.


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  6. My Dividend Portfolio with 6 stocks consists of : –
    Chicago Mercantile Exchange


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  14. Henrik says:

    What about SDRL (Seadrill) (Yield above 11%) and AWLCF (Awilco Drilling) Yield above 20%?

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  18. Brian says:

    Hi Integrator,
    I always enjoy your posts. I know this is an older post, but it seems to be the only place where your Integrator 50k fund holdings are all listed. However, it appears that the list of holdings is cutoff for some reason on the bottom (after AMP). Would you mind updating your listing of current holdings? I’m not interested in number of shares of %, but the tickers/holdings would surely be helpful.

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