My Dividend Portfolio: Q2 2015

Happy July 4th to all!. Even happier over here because Q2 2015 dividends are in!. This update summarizes portfolio progress year to date for 2015.


2015 Dividend Income received

In Q1 2015  I have received approximately $3,947 in dividends. This was primarily from my Australian positions ($3,109), with the rest ($838.06) coming from my US portfolio.

Q2 was equally a great quarter, with approximately $5,475.86 received in total dividend income . I received approximately $4611.86 from my Australian portfolio and $864 from my US portfolio.

So far in 2015, the dividend portfolio has delivered $9,422 in income.

The full breakdown of the dividend income in Q2 2015 is below.

US Portfolio

Coca Cola- 41.25

Mastercard – $27.20

Visa- $30.72

BP – $190.40

McDonalds -$42.50

Chicago Mercantile Exchange – $50

Mercadolibre – $4.22

McKormick- 17.60

Mead Johnson 15.26

Novartis 265

Cisco- 37.80

Core Labs – 11.80

Resmed- 19.60

Lockheed Martin- 45.00

Gilead – 12.90

Western Union- 51.15

Wabtec – 1.50

Australian Portfolio

CBA  $950.40

CSL $107.86

GRR $400

Invocare $435.75

Mondalpheous $349.60

AMP $641.25

M2 $375

Woolworths $720

EAX $103

Flight Centre $ 165

Ainsworth $250

Seek $114

Overall Thoughts

I was very happy with the performance of the portfolio this quarter. There were a couple of new entrants versus the same time last year. I added Gilead to my portfolio, and received some dividend income from the purchase for the first time last quarter.  Wabtech was also a new entrant into my dividend portfolio, albeit a very small contributor. A few new Aussie companies as well, which were Flight Centre, Ainsworth and Seek.

I was fairly surprised with the performance of the dividend income in Q2 2015.  It’s up almost $1,000 or close to 18% year on year. It was ultimately a combination of some new investments in the portfolio, and better than expected dividend growth from a few companies. Overall, I think this sets things up nicely for balance of year

Notable Highlights in the Quarter

It hit home to me again this quarter just how important quality is. Again my small residual “lower quality, more cyclical” dividend investments in some small caps and in mining services disappointed. These may turn out to be great businesses that can get their dividend levels back to where they were before, but frankly, I’ve come to dislike their lack of reliability.

McDonalds seems to be lurching from one crisis to the next as far as the headline new stories are concerned. From the looks of it, it doesn’t appear like they’ll ever be able to grow sale store sales in the US again!. I’m holding out hope for a turnaround here. They have a great model, great assets and great locations. Its just the in store experience that needs some work.


Some increased volatility is back in the market. I think finally that the next move for overall indexes is likely to be down…. which would be healthy given markets have essentially moved forward undisturbed for the last 6 years. I don’t expect major moves backward, maybe a slight 5% decline, to a maximum of 10%. Doesn’t change my strategy though. I’m still regularly accumulating my core 30 US stocks. The Aussie portfolio will be maintained as is. If opportunities present themselves, I’ll look to selectively exit 1 or 2 of my poor performing Aussie miners, and small caps.

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