My Dividend Portfolio Q1 2014 Update

Q1 2014 dividends are in!  This update summarizes portfolio progress year to date for 2014. 


2014 Dividend Income received

In the year to date, I have received approximately $4,311.23 in dividends. This was primarily from my Australian positions ($3,391), with the rest ($919.73) coming from my US portfolio. I was most pleased with the growth of my US dividend income. From approximately $230 in Q1 of 2013, I have been able to grow this to close to $920 in Q1 2014.

While this growth was largely from new additions to the portfolio, I’d like to be able to make some incremental additions to my US dividend portfolio to get the dividend run rate to close to $4k in dividends from my US portfolio in 2014.

US Portfolio

Mastercard – $18.70

Visa- $25.60

BP – $162.45

McDonalds -$60.75

Chicago Mercantile Exchange – $47

Mercadolibre – $7.01

McKormick- 11.10

Cisco- 42.50

Female Health Company- 31.50

Colgate- 13.60

Fastenal- 12.50

Lorilard- 76.88

Resmed- 30.00

Lockheed Martin- 53.20

Health Care Services Group- 25.69

Western Union- 41.25

Australian Portfolio

Cochlear  $901.70

Energy Action $142

Telstra $1,587.25

Iress $404.25

SilverChef $357

Portfolio Growth

Overall equity growth in Q1 of 2014 has been fairly middling. My US portfolio has muddled along with no real material growth over the quarter. Frankly, I’m not particularly surprised by this given the very strong growth in equity values in 2013. The market has been due for a breather for a while, and I’m not expecting strong equity growth in the US portfolio over the year. If I experience portfolio growth of more than 5% in 2014, I’ll be very surprised.

The international growth stocks that I’ve added to my US portfolio have been very up and down over the last few months, with high volatility for BIDU, Yandex and Priceline. Frankly, that’s to be expected given the nature of these stocks. Near term price movements don’t reflect long term value. I’m very confident all will deliver strong performance over a 5 year period.

The growth of my Australian portfolio has been quite strong however. This has been largely the result of some very strong growth in my Venture portfolio. I’ll be providing a follow up update on the Venture Portfolio next and how the various underlying drivers in the portfolio have performed in Q1 2014.

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