Key Tools

The resources below are helpful tools to consider for managing your money.

Wealth Management

Personal Capital

I use Personal Capital to manage all my finances including my investments, cash flow and retirement accounts. Personal Capital is a financial planning website that helps you organize your income, expenses and investments all in one place. It pulls in information from your credit cards, bank statements and investment accounts to give you a consolidated view of your financial health. Personal Capital automates that process for you and can give you some good insights and recommendations on ways to better optimize.

Personal Capital is free to join.

Share Purchase

Motif Investing

Motif Investing is an intriguing, low cost way to steadily accumulate wealth by buying up to 30 stocks at once for a fee of just $9.99. I am currently using Motif Investing for my Dividend Growth Accumulation Fund. I have a plan to regularly and consistently purchase 30 high quality dividend stocks for income and growth.

Motif Investing is free to join, with a $9.99 fee to trade a basket of up to 30 stocks.

Investing & Dividends

Dividend Growth Investment Strategy
This book is an excellent read which covers the basics of dividend investing. In particular, it highlights why dividend growth, more than dividend yield, is very important to growing a stream of dividends. A core book for my own investment strategy. Clearly written with good examples, suitable for anyone to read.

You can find Dividend Growth Investment Strategy here

The Ultimate Dividend Playbook

Written by Josh Peters from Morningstar, this book helps to lay out the case for dividend growth investing from which he then dives into various dividend drills in which he provides examples that make the case for why a stocks total return should be made up of its initial dividend yield plus dividend growth.
You can find a link to The Ultimate Dividend Playbook here
The Single Best Investment
The Single Best Investment has its foundations in explaining why dividends help create wealth. Helps to explain why you can have both dividend income and generate wealth too.
You can find The Single Best Investment here
The New Buffettology
Fancy an insight into the thinking of Warren Buffet?. Buffettology breaks down the basics of what makes a good business, and how you can determine if you’re getting it at a good price. Written by an associate of Buffet.
You can find The New Buffettology here .
5 rules for successful stock investing
If you don’t know Pat Dorsey from Morningstar you should take the time to get familiar with his approach to stock investing. This is an easy read that emphasizes the basics of finding an analyzing a competitive advantage in a business, how to value stocks and how to apply an analysis framework to different industries.
You can finds 5 rules for successful stock investing here.
If you are a new investor (or even an experienced investor) and want a good set of informational videos, well written articles on stocks then this is a great place to start. The key with Morningstar that separates them from others in my view is a solid focus on investment basics. They spend the time to look at what makes a good business and whether you are getting that business at a good price. Also Morningstar stock rankings that you can get on any individual stock.
Basic membership is free, and if you find you are getting good value, I’d take a look at premium membership which gives you access to a broader set of articles and stock analysis tools (I’ve been a premium member).
You can find Morningstar here.