New Dividend Resource: Free Giveaway

I had the good fortune to review a Dividend Investing course put together by Kanwal Sarai from Simply investing recently. I was very impressed by what I saw. 

I love taking a look at new resources that come out around dividend investing. I’ve read almost all of the books that exist on the subject. So whenever I have a chance to dive into somebody else’s take on the subject, I enjoy having the opportunity to do so.

Kanwal has put together a very comprehensive primer for new dividend investors on the subject of dividend investing. There are 5 introductory videos that cover topics such as the value of a dividend investing approach, tips on how to evaluate dividend stocks, when to sell a dividend stock, and different ways to build up a dividend portfolio.

Accompanying the video tutorial is a very helpful workbook that allows an individual to make notes and apply the approach of evaluating, selecting and scoring dividend stocks to buy.

What I liked about the course overall was Kanwal provides an enforced discipline for dividend stock selection, It’s a very rules based, systematic approach to buying and selling that helps ensure you buy quality at the right price. It removes a lot of emotion from the investing process. The focus of doing things in a structured way helps to remove acting on gut reaction.

I know there have been occasions where I haven’t had the discipline to be as rigorous about making an investment as I should have and have just shot from the hip. Kanwal’s approach removes much of the reason to act on instinct, which should save investors some money over the long run.

There are some interesting examples that are given in the material about dividend stocks that are held for long periods of time, and the type of returns that have resulted and the amount of dividends that have accrued to investors. This really helps bring home the power of dividend investing as an approach.

There are a couple of areas that could probably be extended in future iterations of the course. One of my personal biases in dividend investing is finding sustainable businesses with strong moats. In fact, that’s a foundational part of how I invest. If evidence of a moat isn’t there, then I’m not generally tempted to part with my money.

The discipline of how to identify moats and monitor moats over time is something of considerable importance for investors, and I would have liked to have seen a little more treatment of this area. Having said that, the themes of the course and the value of the information don’t suffer at all given the lack of a detailed treatment of moats.

The Simply Investing Course is a great introduction to Dividend Investing which is presented concisely and accurately in an easy to understand manner for both new and more experienced investors. It should help provide anyone with a more disciplined path toward managing and growing their money.

The other great feature that’s included with the Simply Investing platform is access to a forum to collaborate with other like minded dividend focussed investors to exchange potential ideas . There’s also a list of potential dividend ideas that’s put out monthly to serve as a starting point for further research. Given elevated valuations generally, that’s a great way to access possible opportunities.

I’d encourage folks to take a look at the free introductory module to the Simply Investing course which can also be found here.

Kanwal has very generously offered to provide 1 lucky reader with free access to the Value Package which is ordinarily valued at $347!.  If you’re a subscriber or regular reader, either drop me a comment below or send me a tweet or direct message to tell me if you are interested and why and I’ll randomly choose a winner. I’ll keep it open to all for 1 week, so make sure you let me know your interest before then.

Disclosure: This was not a paid review. I received access to the Simply Investing Course Material and workbook for the purpose of completing the review.

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