An update on my start up journey

I indicated recently that I was contemplating a career shift and moving into a start up. I’m going to provide an update around how things are going. [Read more…]

Large cap Tech Stocks are on fire!

An interesting trend has been taking place over the last few months which has seen technology stocks reverse their poor performance of 2016. [Read more…]

What’s in a career?

As I’m about to embark on the next phase of my career, I recently stopped to reflect on whether the expectations for structured career path way actually do us more harm than good. [Read more…]

An update on my options strategy

I launched into an options strategy with full vigor last year. I want to provide an update on how things are going, and how I’m looking to evolve this. [Read more…]

New Year, New Opportunity?

Well it’s often said that the new year brings about opportunities for change. I have one such change that’s likely on the horizon. [Read more…]

2017 Goals

As a follow up to my last post on my Goals for 2017, I invested some time into thinking about the specific things that Iā€™d like to achieve this year.

[Read more…]

If I worked at a startup Pt 2

In this post I’m going to further describe my plan of attempting to generate wealth creation with an early stage company. [Read more…]

If I worked at a startup…..

I have occasionally thought of working at a startup. While a variety of factors have held me back I’ve been pondering this some more recently. [Read more…]

My Options Strategy: Q3 2016

Another quarter has ended. Here is the latest update on my option strategy. [Read more…]

How ordinary investors achieve great wealth

I’ve been on a stretch of reading a bunch of investment books recently. This latest one provided some interesting insights. [Read more…]