Planning ahead for my kids education

The cost of college is expensive. And I’m talking right now. I’ve been doing a little thinking to see what the options may be for my kids in 15 years time.

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Paying down our debt!

I’ve never had to really formalize a plan to repay debt before. However the nature of our financial journey has changed over the last few months. It’s debt, not passive income that I’m now looking to attack.  [Read more…]

Should I increase my debt?

I’ve been recently pondering whether we should be doing more in respect of increasing our overall gearing to more build wealth and shelter tax. There are a few factors that I’ve been mulling over as far as this decision is concerned.  [Read more…]

Financially Integrating Your Insurance Plan

No matter what age you are, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about insurance plans. At least, you should have. Insurance is one of those things that everyone knows that they need, but not everyone knows how to manage efficiently. Here are a couple of ideas on where to start when pondering policies, no matter where you are on your trail.  [Read more…]

Financial literacy – What’s important to know?

There are a lot of different concepts and jargon when it comes to personal finance. I’m going to explore the concepts and areas that I think are the most important to me in my quest for financial independence. [Read more…]

Living expenses with dividends: The “pay my bills” idea

I recently came across a quite interesting strategy of owning stocks in companies to whom you pay bills and using the dividends paid by these companies to pay living expenses. While an interesting idea, I’m not sure this is necessarily the best strategy. [Read more…]

Expat Finance: Financial considerations with moving to a new country

Moving to a new country can be a good way to supercharge your income during your working life. It may even help you accelerate your wealth creation. However as I found out when I came to the US, starting from scratch in a new country can be tough on your finances. [Read more…]

Ways to build up wealth during your working years

Accelerating your wealth during your working years can pay major dividends later in life,  setting you up for a comfortable retirement. You’ll have a lot longer to compound significant wealth and harvest a long term income stream (if you choose to be invested in dividend stocks). So what are some of the moves that you can make?

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Getting Out of Debt – 5 options you should steer clear of

You shouldn’t be surprised to find that plenty of people today happen to be under a debt burden. In such a case what becomes the utmost priority  is for people to get out of debt as soon as possible. It’s not just a psychological burden, but also a financial hassle. Debt never does anything good for your financial health. Rather, debt is a financial malady that keeps growing over time and becomes larger as well as more burdensome. Undoubtedly paying off debt is possible, but even then you’ll find people going deeper into the debt trap even while trying to get rid of it. This is essentially because of people resorting to  wrong options to pay off debt.  [Read more…]

How I survived a Tax Audit

A few years ago, I received “that” letter from the IRS that everyone fears receiving. It informed me that I was being audited by the IRS. And it wasn’t just a request for information, but a request to make an appoint at my nearest IRS office. I was able to survive my audit by taking a few sensible steps . [Read more…]