Rethinking my property allocation

I’ve been historically heavy on equities as the overall focus in my portfolio. More recently I’ve been thinking about giving property greater prominence.

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How are you approaching retirement?

I’ve been reading too many overly pessimistic articles recently on how people are inadequately prepared for retirement. It’s prompted me to share my thoughts and reflections about how I’m preparing for it.

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More stress for faster freedom? No Thanks!

I recently had an opportunity to take an interesting short term side project for some short term additional cash. The learnings from the experience surprised me.

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Why you always have the fire for financial freedom

I am often content taking things fairly casually at work. However every now and then something happens that sharpens my focus on financial independence. [Read more…]

What Financial Independence Means to me

Financial independence means many different things to different people. Here’s my take on it.

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We are about to hit the independence accelerator

On the road to financial independence, you sometimes get the benefit of a tailwind that propels you along the way. We are about to run into one of those tail winds. [Read more…]

Avoiding Lifestyle Inflation

Lifestyle inflation is a real issue. In fact its often a symptom of success. Doing your best to avoid its effects can not only position you well to retire earlier, but also help you deal with life’s surprises. [Read more…]

Why not retire now?

I just returned from a great vacation in Greece. A chance encounter with a retired couple and a greek taxi driver caused me to ponder working life and early retirement.

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Why I don’t like extreme frugality for long term wealth building

Being extremely frugal has been suggested as a way to build up wealth. I have to say that I don’t like this as a long run wealth creation tool. [Read more…]

How to retire early, wealthy and happy

Early retirement and wealth building is a subject that many of us obsess about. But there’s no clear blueprint for what you should do and how best to get there. I thought I’d share my views of how to map out and achieve your own dream of a happy, (and hopefully early!) retirement. [Read more…]