Consumer Staples: A great source of dividends

Consumer staples are a great source of dividends. The companies tend to be stable, consistent earners that provide essential services to customers. That leads to fairly solid demand and strong returns on equity, particularly for players with strong market positions.  [Read more…]

Western Union: Is there growth?

Western Union is dividend growth stock that I’ve been looking at for a while. An established player in the international remittances market, with a wide moat, it should be an ongoing dividend powerhouse. But the financials indicate a deeper problem. Is there growth for Western Union? [Read more…]

Visa: A potential dividend growth candidate?

The credit card processors, Visa and MasterCard, have been my core holdings of mine for years (more so MasterCard). I am a big fan of their business models. Can they also be good dividend growth stocks? [Read more…]

Microsoft: Does trouble lurk beneath the Surface?

I’ve come across a few posts recently that make quite a convincing case for considering Microsoft as a dividend growth stock.  A dominant windows franchise, strong free cash flow growth. Yet something more medium to long term troubles me about the Microsoft investment case.  [Read more…]

CME group: A good dividend hedge in uncertainty?

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (or “CME”) group is one of the largest derivatives exchanges in the world. Millions of futures contracts across a range of assets and commodities are opened and closed each day on the platforms that it operates. The group has been strongly profitable, reporting solid results ever since in listed. The CME also pays a modest dividend of 3.3% to boot. Is it worth adding to the Integrator $50k fund?  [Read more…]

Quality Systems: Quality worth considering?

Quality Systems (QSII) is one of those stocks that you rarely come across as a dividend growth investor. A technology company, paying out a dividend and still experiencing good growth. And not just a small dividend. At its current price of $17.50, QSII is trading on a 4% dividend yield. 2012 has been a rough year for the stock. I’m going to set out my investment thesis for why QSII could be quality worth considering.  [Read more…]

Johnson & Johnson: A dividend growth star on the decline?

Johnson and Johnson has in the past been a favorite dividend growth stock of mine and a stock I used to hold. However my opinion on the stock has changed and  it’s not a favorite of mine anymore.  In fact,  I think it may be a dividend growth star on the decline. Let me explain why.

[Read more…]