Why you should consider international dividends

I have a large portion of my dividend income sourced from international dividend stocks. In my view, there are several strong reasons to consider holding pure play foreign dividend stocks that can be invested in via ADRs (American Depository Receipts) or via stocks trading on the pink sheets.  [Read more…]

Novartis: A healthy dividend tonic?

Novartis is a European giant of the pharmaceutical industry, headquartered in Switzerland. With a portfolio of drugs that treats conditions of the heart, brain, eye and respiratory system, Novartis has a solid in market portfolio and provides a good dividend yield to match (almost 4%). Is the Novartis yield sustainable, and can we expect good growth in the dividend going forward?  [Read more…]

Best Australian Dividend Stocks Part 2

We previously looked at Cochlear and Woolworths as 2 of Australia’s best potential dividend stocks. What are the others that make the cut?

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Best Australian Dividend Stocks Part 1

Investment in Australia for dividends can be considered fairly attractive for a variety of reasons including economic growth, favorable dividend taxation and a willingness of Australian companies to pay dividends What are the leading contenders in dividend stocks to consider ?

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Why Australia is a great place to look for dividend stocks

I continue to source much of my dividend income from Australia, even today. I’ve often wondered what makes Australia such a great place to source dividends from. Dividend payouts tend to be extremely favorable by international standards, even for small companies, with the average yield on the ASX 200 (the top 200 companies on the Australian Stock Exchange) in the order of 5%. I’ll outline my thoughts on why I think it makes sense to look to Australia for dividends and the factors that are in place for continued dividend performance in the Australian market.

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