Dividend stocks look expensive…but does this matter?

I’ve been on a two year quest of consistent dividend accumulation. Recent events are certainly giving me pause. [Read more…]

Dividend Focussed Portfolios Have been Outperforming

There’s been something very interesting happening with dividend focused stocks and it’s almost been happening by stealth. [Read more…]

Deferred Dividends for younger investors?

I was recently reading an investment book that got me thinking about the concept of deferred dividends. I want to introduce that to all of you here. [Read more…]

My Dividend Portfolio: Q3 2015

Overall, things were pretty positive in Q3. This updates summarizes key activity and outcomes across for my US and Australian dividend portfolios. [Read more…]

Does a low yield strategy make sense?

Going through tax time every year brings into sharp focus for me just how much tax we pay. The significant chunk of dividend income that I have rolling off doesn’t make this burden any lower year on year. [Read more…]

Apple for dividends: What have I missed?

So Apple keeps growing up a storm. I’ve held the stock previously, but I disposed of it within a year. What did I miss?

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Should your investment be paying a dividend?

I had a chance to read some interesting material recently, which had me reflecting on whether all companies that pay dividends should in fact pay them, and whether there are some companies that pay a dividend that should in fact not be paying them.  [Read more…]

My Dividend Portfolio Q1 2015 Update

Its that time of year again!. Q1 2015 dividends are in!  This update summarizes portfolio progress year to date for 2015.

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Recent Purchases

While I’m phasing out my purchase of individual dividend stocks, a swooning oil price had me taking a trip back to the oil patch that I couldn’t pass up. [Read more…]

My Dividend Index : Trading Value for Diversification ?

I embarked on my dividend accumulation strategy several months ago and sent it into overdrive just recently. I’ve seen a bunch of very interesting comments about such a strategy just recently and wanted to further expand my thoughts. [Read more…]