Is it worth raiding your nest egg to repay credit card debt?

If you’re near your retirement age or you’ve already retired, it is most likely that you wouldn’t want debt to be hanging over your head. But if you haven’t been able to shrug off those nagging credit card bills, you might be wondering about the idea of dipping into your retirement fund to get rid of your debts.

5 tips for using credit cards

Credit cards offer great convenience and flexibility to manage many aspects of your life. From not having to carry large wads of cash to avoiding emergency pit stops at teller machines they can help with daily needs if used properly. However they come with a very high cost of financing if you carry any debt on them. Annual Percentage Rates (or APR’s) can often exceed 20%, depending on your credit score.  So what are some ways to make best use of credit cards and ensure they dont end up managing you?  [Read more…]

4 benefits of credit cards that you may not be aware of

Credit cards provide some obvious benefits such as access to credit, great rewards and not needing to carry large amounts of cash, but there are a number of not so obvious benefits that you also get.

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