My Dividend Index : Trading Value for Diversification ?

I embarked on my dividend accumulation strategy several months ago and sent it into overdrive just recently. I’ve seen a bunch of very interesting comments about such a strategy just recently and wanted to further expand my thoughts. [Read more...]

An update to my dividend accumulation strategy

I’ve been having some good success with my accumulation strategy as far as helping me eliminate some undesirable investment habits. I’ve come across something that should help me pursue this endeavor even further. [Read more...]

Multi baggers are a great sign

Building up a solid base of dividend income is a slow and painstaking process. In addition to watching your dividend income pile up, there are other ways that one can chart their progress.  [Read more...]

I have a confession

I haven’t had the least bit of interest in it in recent times. No desire to touch it, or tweak it or experiment with it….and its been great for me!
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Some recent growth company additions

Well the markets have been up and down a lot in recent times and that has thrown up some interesting opportunities. I made a few selective additions last month.  [Read more...]

Some recent dividend buys

As I posted in my last portfolio update, I made several new purchases last month. I’ll dive a little deeper now into what those purchases were and why I made them.  [Read more...]

October Portfolio Transactions

In response to some requests for more regular updates around specific portfolio transactions that are taking place, I’ve decided to provide a monthly update on portfolio transactions to give a clear snapsnot of what’s been bought and sold. [Read more...]

My Growth & Rental Portfolio Update Q3 2014

I’ll give a brief update for my growth, venture and rental portfolios for Q3 in this post.

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Don’t let a correction kill your confidence

Increasing downward volatility in the markets in recent times has given rise to concerns that we are on the verge of a correction. This isn’t an event to be feared. Above all, it’s key that you don’t let a correction kill your confidence.  [Read more...]

My Dividend Portfolio: Q3 2014

I’m a little bit late with my Q3 update across my dividend portfolio. Overall, things were pretty positive in Q3. This updates summarizes key activity and outcomes across for my US and Australian dividend portfolios. [Read more...]