Portfolio construction is an underrated skill

Picking stocks is by no means an easy skill. However just as important, and maybe more underappreciated is how a stock grouping comes together in a portfolio. Done correctly and you can be looking at a pathway for long term success. Done poorly and you can make mistakes that take years to overcome. [Read more...]

A few recent buys

For one of the first times this year, I’ve made a couple of minor additions to the portfolio. Nothing that will move the needle dramatically on how things progress, but I’m fairly happy with these buys.

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My greatest learning in 2015

We aren’t that far into 2015 yet, but I feel I’ve already had a bunch of learnings. In fact I feel like I’ve probably had my most significant learning in quite some time just recently.

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Apple for dividends: What have I missed?

So Apple keeps growing up a storm. I’ve held the stock previously, but I disposed of it within a year. What did I miss?

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Biotechnology for dividend stocks?

The biotech sector is never one I’ve paid too much attention too. However I’m now starting to find that this sector is a promising one for not only growth, but dividends also. [Read more...]

Should your investment be paying a dividend?

I had a chance to read some interesting material recently, which had me reflecting on whether all companies that pay dividends should in fact pay them, and whether there are some companies that pay a dividend that should in fact not be paying them.  [Read more...]

The real costs of too much trading

I’ve often thought that too much buying and selling has the potential to really hurt long term wealth building. A few recent things that I have read have helped further confirm that. [Read more...]

My Venture Portfolio: Q1 2015

Well, some families have so called “black sheep”. It’s just possible that in my portfolio family, its currently my Venture Portfolio. [Read more...]

My Rental Portfolio – Q1 2015

We are approaching our one year anniversary as being landlords. I have to say, this property investor thing is really growing on me.

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My Growth Portfolio: Q1 2015

It has been a while since I’e updated progress here, but overall, things are moving along well.