Buffett’s best insights

Warren Buffet has had some amazingly simple yet amazingly insightful investing anecdotes to share over the years. I thought I would share some of my favorites.  [Read more…]

How should you play international markets ?

As growth in the US approaches a peak, I’ve been pondering over the best way to look at international markets for growth. [Read more…]

How do I manage a favorite holding thats now overvalued?

I’m the holder of a great business, which has appreciated significantly these last few years, to the point that its overvalued. So what do I do? [Read more…]

My observations on wealth building

My journey to try and accumulate wealth has been an interesting one. I’ve learned many interesting lessons over this period of time. [Read more…]

Let your winners ride and your losers wither

Psychology plays a major role in investing. Having a solid mastery of your own psychology can help make you a better investor. [Read more…]

Markets are up….and here’s what I’m doing

It seems fears of the Brexit were short-lived markets, with markets hitting all-time highs.  Here’s how I’m dealing with this. [Read more…]

Buffett: The Growth Investor?

I recently had the chance to read another book on Buffett. This one had a few interesting insights. [Read more…]

My options Strategy: Q2 2016

I had a strategy early this year of getting further into options. Here’s my latest update. [Read more…]

Dividend Focussed Portfolios Have been Outperforming

There’s been something very interesting happening with dividend focused stocks and it’s almost been happening by stealth. [Read more…]

Investing with the Masters: Ron Baron

I love studying the techniques and strategies of successful investors. Ron Baron was one that recently caught my attention. [Read more…]