My thoughts on risk and reward

I occasionally get asked why I have so many different portfolios and asset streams. I thought I’d take some time to explain my strategy. [Read more…]

An update to my options writing strategy

I set out on an experiment writing options late last year. I want to provide an update on how thing are progressing. [Read more…]

Your portfolio is a living, breathing thing

While buying and holding is a great investment approach turning a blind eye to what’s in your portfolio can be a recipe for disaster. [Read more…]

Why you always have the fire for financial freedom

I am often content taking things fairly casually at work. However every now and then something happens that sharpens my focus on financial independence. [Read more…]

Deferred Dividends for younger investors?

I was recently reading an investment book that got me thinking about the concept of deferred dividends. I want to introduce that to all of you here. [Read more…]

The importance of goal setting

I have often had the view that good goal setting can avoid a lot of the pitfalls in life with respect to money, career and general unhappiness.
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My First “4 Bagger”

I notched up an interesting investment milestone just a few days ago I want to share some of my lessons around it.

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Financial fitness for 2016

I was recently asked what my plans are for financial fitness in 2016. It’s a great topic that I decided to give some thought to.

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My Dividend Portfolio : Q1 2016

Its that time of year again!. Q1 2016 dividends are in!  This update summarizes portfolio progress year to date for 2016.

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Don’t be in a hurry to sell that stock!

My thoughts and views on when to sell a stock have evolved over the course of my investing history. [Read more…]