Markets are up….and here’s what I’m doing

It seems fears of the Brexit were short-lived markets, with markets hitting all-time highs.  Here’s how I’m dealing with this. [Read more…]

Buffett: The Growth Investor?

I recently had the chance to read another book on Buffett. This one had a few interesting insights. [Read more…]

My options Strategy: Q2 2016

I had a strategy early this year of getting further into options. Here’s my latest update. [Read more…]

Dividend Focussed Portfolios Have been Outperforming

There’s been something very interesting happening with dividend focused stocks and it’s almost been happening by stealth. [Read more…]

Investing with the Masters: Ron Baron

I love studying the techniques and strategies of successful investors. Ron Baron was one that recently caught my attention. [Read more…]

A better way to achieve a concentrated portfolio

I recently bemoaned the difficulties of achieving a concentrated portfolio. It has recently occurred to me that they may be another way to achieve this goal. [Read more…]

Brexit! So what?

I’ve been watching with a mixture of amusement and interest the recent events around Brexit in the UK over the last 24 hours. I’m going to share with you how I’m dealing with this massive event. [Read more…]

The latest look at my venture portfolio

It’s been a little while since I’ve shared what’s going on inside my venture portfolio, one of the smaller but potentially potent planks in my path to financial independence. Here’s the latest. [Read more…]

How are you approaching retirement?

I’ve been reading too many overly pessimistic articles recently on how people are inadequately prepared for retirement. It’s prompted me to share my thoughts and reflections about how I’m preparing for it.

[Read more…]

Why I’ve struggled with a concentrated portfolio

Many of the greatest investors in the world have maintained concentrated portfolios. Unfortunately I’ve decided that this approach is just not for me. [Read more…]