My Dividend Portfolio: Q3 2014

I’m a little bit late with my Q3 update across my dividend portfolio. Overall, things were pretty positive in Q3. This updates summarizes key activity and outcomes across for my US and Australian dividend portfolios. [Read more...]

There’s no such thing as too many stock positions

I was reviewing my ever increasing list of stock positions recently with some dismay. I’d originally set out to maintain a portfolio of 50 stocks, which I’d now gone well over. After mulling it over for some time, I realized I was fretting over nothing.  [Read more...]

Why I’m liking accumulation vs one time investment

As some of you know, I started an accumulation portfolio last month to make periodic, regular investments in a few select, wide moat stocks. I’m beginning to realize that I’m liking this mode of investing more than I initially realized.  [Read more...]

Rethinking my approach to small caps

Small caps have been very good to my portfolio over the years. I’ve profited very handsomely from them. There have also been a few situations that haven’t gone completely to plan. [Read more...]

Stock Valuation: It’s all a matter of perspective

I often have people ask me whether I think a particular stock is expensive or priced correctly. Valuation is a much an art as a science, and what’s expensive to one person can appear bargain basement price to another. [Read more...]

What’s the risk of a major market crash and how should you mitigate it?

I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about when and if a correction will come. I just try and get along doing what I’m doing, and let my investments take their own course. However a recent article with an astonishing prediction caught my eye.   [Read more...]

My accumulation portfolio – getting back to basics

I’ve been doing a lot of different things in pursuit of financial independence. There still remains one area that I feel could do with a bit more work. I’m taking some steps to rectify that weakness today.

[Read more...]

Low yield is worth considering

Starting with stable, well established, consistent dividend growth payers should be part of the core of any investor’s portfolio. However there may be a case to look a little further afield to players that have lower yield. [Read more...]

Earnings season suggests we may move higher still

So earnings season is substantially concluded for almost all companies in my portfolio, US and Australian, income and growth. I was generally impressed by what I saw. Maybe the market does have higher to go still? [Read more...]

The Buffett Option Strategy

I’ve never been one to really contemplate an option strategy, though I’ve been intrigued at the prospect of options to generate income. I read a piece on an option strategy that Warren Buffet has put in place that has started to change my mind.  [Read more...]