Thoughts on Moats

Sustainability of investment returns is somewhat an obsession of mine. I love thinking through and pondering the long term competitive advantages of a business and what could undermine them. In my view, not all moats have equal impact on a business. [Read more…]

If I worked at a startup Pt 2

In this post I’m going to further describe my plan of attempting to generate wealth creation with an early stage company. [Read more…]

If I worked at a startup…..

I have occasionally thought of working at a startup. While a variety of factors have held me back I’ve been pondering this some more recently. [Read more…]

Why I sold a position that was up more than 300%

I recently parted with a business that generated substantial wealth creation for me. Let me explain why.  [Read more…]

My Options Strategy: Q3 2016

Another quarter has ended. Here is the latest update on my option strategy. [Read more…]

How ordinary investors achieve great wealth

I’ve been on a stretch of reading a bunch of investment books recently. This latest one provided some interesting insights. [Read more…]

What are the best financial decisions that you’ve made?

While I don’t think that I’ve got all of my financial decisions right, there certainly some things that I think I’ve done well. [Read more…]

What financial decisions would you change?

I was reflecting back on my financial life thus far. While its been a great ride, there are a couple of things I would go back and change if given the opportunity. [Read more…]

Dividend stocks look expensive…but does this matter?

I’ve been on a two year quest of consistent dividend accumulation. Recent events are certainly giving me pause. [Read more…]

Why the rich will get richer

You sometimes see these cliché headlines stating that the rich are getting richer. Well for the next decade anyway I believe this is true.  [Read more…]