My Dividend Portfolio: Q2 2014

Q2 2014 dividends are in!  This update summarizes portfolio progress year to date for 2014.

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Am I a closet growth investor?

I’ve noticed that I’ve been steadily amassing positions in technology companies recently. It caused me to reflect on whether I’m making a conscious (or even unconscious) transition to being a growth investor. [Read more...]

Initial Experiences as a Landlord

It’s been close to 1 month or so that we have had tenants occupying our old place. While we had a few initial issues, things appear to be moving forward in the right direction.  [Read more...]

Adding some technology names to the portfolio

I’ve been making a few selective changes to my portfolio recently, influenced largely by the drubbing that’s been metted out to tech stocks, and the fact that most established slow growth stocks continue an unrelenting rise. [Read more...]

Signs you have the dream job

A number of people I know have recently made the switch to new roles, and there are a number of others that I know who are actively considering making such a move. It got me thinking, how do you recognise that you are on a good thing when you have it?  [Read more...]

Volatility in tech presents an opportunity

For those of you who are invested in technology growth stocks, you may have noticed some bleeding recently. While markets have been at all time highs, there have been a select group of technology stocks that have been gutted.

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The investments that got away…

I generally have no regrets with my investment journey to date. There have been some lessons, most pretty inexpensive, and some that were more costly. I’ve generally never regretted any investments that I have made. There were a few that got away however.  [Read more...]

Paying down our debt!

I’ve never had to really formalize a plan to repay debt before. However the nature of our financial journey has changed over the last few months. It’s debt, not passive income that I’m now looking to attack.  [Read more...]

Financial Independence: More Debt for less freedom?

We are at a very interesting time in our financial journey. Under any other circumstance, I’d say we’d climbed to the top of mountain. I’ve achieved the asset position and passive income that I’d set out too get . But we have an accompanying pile of debt to repay.  [Read more...]

My Venture Portfolio Q1 2014 Update

My Venture Portfolio experiment has been rolling on since mid Q4 2013. So how has it been doing?. Has it been a worthwhile experiment thus far? Here’s my update.  [Read more...]