Having a strong mind will do wonders for your investing

Having the right mindset for investing is half the battle. That often means just listening to your inner voice and drowning out all the noise. [Read more...]

Quantified wealth through Personal Capital

I’ve recently started tracking our finances through Personal Capital. I wasn’t entirely convinced that this would be a valuable tool for me initially, but I must admit now, I’m impressed by what I see.  [Read more...]

My 2015 Goal : Do Nothing

I’ve been doing some thinking recently about how I’d like to approach 2015. In an nutshell, I’ve set a goal of really trying to do nothing. [Read more...]

Imagining our Financially Integrated Future

There’s still about 1 month left in 2014, but on balance its been a really great year. It got me thinking about our future financial roadmap and what the road ahead may look like. [Read more...]

My take on earnings season

Earnings season has come to an end. My take on the highlights and lowlights across the companies in my portfolio.  [Read more...]

My Dividend Index : Trading Value for Diversification ?

I embarked on my dividend accumulation strategy several months ago and sent it into overdrive just recently. I’ve seen a bunch of very interesting comments about such a strategy just recently and wanted to further expand my thoughts. [Read more...]

An update to my dividend accumulation strategy

I’ve been having some good success with my accumulation strategy as far as helping me eliminate some undesirable investment habits. I’ve come across something that should help me pursue this endeavor even further. [Read more...]

Multi baggers are a great sign

Building up a solid base of dividend income is a slow and painstaking process. In addition to watching your dividend income pile up, there are other ways that one can chart their progress.  [Read more...]

I have a confession

I haven’t had the least bit of interest in it in recent times. No desire to touch it, or tweak it or experiment with it….and its been great for me!
[Read more...]

Some recent growth company additions

Well the markets have been up and down a lot in recent times and that has thrown up some interesting opportunities. I made a few selective additions last month.  [Read more...]