Why the relaxed lifestyle wins out over hard work

I was introduced to someone recently who recounted an intriguing story about his start up experience. It hit home for me just how difficult the start up journey can be and why the odd are stacked against you.  [Read more...]

Inspiration for my Investment Philosophy

I was recently reflecting on how lucky I’ve been to stumble on an investment philosophy that works for me and that has produced some good returns as well. I started to thinking back to the seeds along the way that have helped shape what I now invest in. [Read more...]

Don’t let ego get in the way of becoming a great investor

It’s a natural course of events that we will make mistakes in an investing journey. However learning from those mistakes and rectifying them can help set in place the actions to make you a great investor. [Read more...]

Do I have too much stock exposure?

I was reflecting on our overall portfolio allocation recently. It’s true that we are very heavily exposed to equities, probably too much if you asked a typical financial advisor. But really, is there anything wrong with such an aggressive equity allocation?  [Read more...]

My roadmap to maximize quality of life

Quality of life has been something that has been on my mind quite a bit recently and I was thinking through the areas and opportunities for me to maximize this as much as possible. After some thought, I came up with a list of several areas that I have earmarked as those to focus on to better maximize quality of life.  [Read more...]

Taking the slow and steady lane to financial independence

I’ve previously mentioned here that I’ve been tossing up a potential new option to take up a position with a start up. Well, it’s now D-Day and I have made my decision. [Read more...]

Ignore overvaluation as a sell trigger

I’ve had a lot of time to sit around and reflect on 2014 these last few weeks. I’ve realized I’ve made one fundamental mistake that I don’t intend repeating again. [Read more...]

Millennials should be on track for a kick ass retirement!

I was reading an article recently that suggested that millennials will get shortchanged in retirement and it made me reflect and wonder if I’m seeing things that other folks just aren’t. [Read more...]

The hits and misses of 2014

2014 was a great year in many respects. I’ve already touched on my progress as far as dividend income was concerned. It’s time to review some highlights and lowlights of the year.  [Read more...]

My Dividend Portfolio: Q4 2014

Happy New Year to all!. I thought I’d kick off the new Year with an update for my 2014 dividend portfolio.  [Read more...]