My Investment Strategy

I’ve been sharing my views on different aspects of my investment strategy just recently. I’ve included a few extracts in this post.  [Read more...]

Planning ahead for my kids education

The cost of college is expensive. And I’m talking right now. I’ve been doing a little thinking to see what the options may be for my kids in 15 years time.

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How to retire early, wealthy and happy

Early retirement and wealth building is a subject that many of us obsess about. But there’s no clear blueprint for what you should do and how best to get there. I thought I’d share my views of how to map out and achieve your own dream of a happy, (and hopefully early!) retirement. [Read more...]

What is safety net investing?

Active investing is an activity that can be fraught with risk. So much so that Buffett’s advice to novice investors is that they simply stick their investments in a managed fund and be done with it. But if you are going to be an active investor, how can you derisk your investing?

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Why “buying the dip” doesn’t always work

I’ve been hearing a lot lately from people who are very keen to build a diversified, high quality stock portfolio but who are concerned about the level of stock prices and instead want to wait to “buy the dip”, While that theory sounds great in practice, it doesn’t always work out well. [Read more...]

Does a low yield strategy make sense?

Going through tax time every year brings into sharp focus for me just how much tax we pay. The significant chunk of dividend income that I have rolling off doesn’t make this burden any lower year on year. [Read more...]

Portfolio construction is an underrated skill

Picking stocks is by no means an easy skill. However just as important, and maybe more underappreciated is how a stock grouping comes together in a portfolio. Done correctly and you can be looking at a pathway for long term success. Done poorly and you can make mistakes that take years to overcome. [Read more...]

A few recent buys

For one of the first times this year, I’ve made a couple of minor additions to the portfolio. Nothing that will move the needle dramatically on how things progress, but I’m fairly happy with these buys.

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My greatest learning in 2015

We aren’t that far into 2015 yet, but I feel I’ve already had a bunch of learnings. In fact I feel like I’ve probably had my most significant learning in quite some time just recently.

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Apple for dividends: What have I missed?

So Apple keeps growing up a storm. I’ve held the stock previously, but I disposed of it within a year. What did I miss?

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