How ordinary investors achieve great wealth

I’ve been on a stretch of reading a bunch of investment books recently. This latest one provided some interesting insights. [Read more…]

What are the best financial decisions that you’ve made?

While I don’t think that I’ve got all of my financial decisions right, there certainly some things that I think I’ve done well. [Read more…]

What financial decisions would you change?

I was reflecting back on my financial life thus far. While its been a great ride, there are a couple of things I would go back and change if given the opportunity. [Read more…]

Dividend stocks look expensive…but does this matter?

I’ve been on a two year quest of consistent dividend accumulation. Recent events are certainly giving me pause. [Read more…]

Why the rich will get richer

You sometimes see these cliché headlines stating that the rich are getting richer. Well for the next decade anyway I believe this is true.  [Read more…]

Your advantage as an individual investor

Individual investors often get a bad rap. They are thought of as lemmings moving in and out of the market. In fact you have a number of advantages over the pros.

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Buffett’s best insights

Warren Buffet has had some amazingly simple yet amazingly insightful investing anecdotes to share over the years. I thought I would share some of my favorites.  [Read more…]

How should you play international markets ?

As growth in the US approaches a peak, I’ve been pondering over the best way to look at international markets for growth. [Read more…]

How do I manage a favorite holding thats now overvalued?

I’m the holder of a great business, which has appreciated significantly these last few years, to the point that its overvalued. So what do I do? [Read more…]

My observations on wealth building

My journey to try and accumulate wealth has been an interesting one. I’ve learned many interesting lessons over this period of time. [Read more…]