My search for growth

Change is something I’m loathed to make with my investing. Your portfolio is like a bar of soap, the more you touch it, the more it shrinks.  But I have a little bit of redundancy that I want to set right. [Read more…]

Home Ownership: Is it just the worst investment?

I’ve been mulling over this homeownership thing recently. I’m struggling to see how it’s really a solid return on investment in the long run. If you take out mortgage deductions, is there really anything to it from an investment perspective? [Read more…]

The difficulties of small cap investing

I’ve been all for investing in small cap companies. But a couple of recent experiences have made me realize just how difficult this asset class if for the average investor.

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Portfolio House cleaning is a tough, but essential job

House cleaning is a task that I’m often loathed to undertake. Cleaning house for the portfolio is a similar task that meets with a similar lack of interest.

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Can we only expect 4% investment returns in the future?

I came across an astonishing prediction from Jack Bogle recently. Rather than just being sensationalist, there could be an element of truth to it to.

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How do I become a millionaire?

It’s funny how often you see this headline in the financial press. A recent iteration of this theme in a publication caught my eye.  [Read more…]

Avoiding Lifestyle Inflation

Lifestyle inflation is a real issue. In fact its often a symptom of success. Doing your best to avoid its effects can not only position you well to retire earlier, but also help you deal with life’s surprises. [Read more…]

Why not retire now?

I just returned from a great vacation in Greece. A chance encounter with a retired couple and a greek taxi driver caused me to ponder working life and early retirement.

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My Dividend Portfolio: Q3 2015

Overall, things were pretty positive in Q3. This updates summarizes key activity and outcomes across for my US and Australian dividend portfolios. [Read more…]

Progress towards a balanced lifestyle

Life is about more than amassing a tonne of wealth for me. I want to be able to look back over the years and say that I had some great experiences. I put together a list of areas that I’d like to achieve overall balance in earlier in the year. It’s time to check in and see how things are moving along there. [Read more…]