5 stocks I’ll have my eye on in a downturn

Wow, mad Monday really brought some interesting activity in the market! Some blue chips were down 20-30% on opening. I thought it could be a good time to dig out my watchlist if some good bargains come along. [Read more…]

My Plan for stock market fear and panic

The stock price moves over the last week or so have been pretty steep. It appears that volatility is back in force. Friday saw a decline of close to 3%. These have been some of the steepest declines in the last 4 years. Let me share my plan for dealing with market fear and panic.  [Read more…]

Will baby boomers crash the share market?

It’s an interesting theory that I’ve been seeing recently. The suggestion that as boomers transition to retirement that they will have to cash out shares and property to fund their retirement. I’ve been giving some thought as to how, if at all that may impact share values and whether it could present opportunities. [Read more…]

Why I avoid IPO’s

There have been some very strong IPO’s just recently. Many have popped substantially upon debut. Is there any downside in investing in them? [Read more…]

Conquering the corporate ladder

Its a reality of corporate life that sometimes to move up you need to move across, or move out. But does it always make sense to climb up the ladder in the first place?  [Read more…]

The Key to Investing Success

I have recently finished reading The Future For Investors by Jeremy Siegel. This was a very well written, hugely insightful book. I thought I’d address some of the key takeaways here from the book.  [Read more…]

My Growth Portfolio : Q2 2015

It has been a while since I’e updated progress here, but overall, things are moving along well.


[Read more…]

My Dividend Portfolio: Q2 2015

Happy July 4th to all!. Even happier over here because Q2 2015 dividends are in!. This update summarizes portfolio progress year to date for 2015.

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My Investment Strategy

I’ve been sharing my views on different aspects of my investment strategy just recently. I’ve included a few extracts in this post.  [Read more…]

Planning ahead for my kids education

The cost of college is expensive. And I’m talking right now. I’ve been doing a little thinking to see what the options may be for my kids in 15 years time.

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