Stock Valuation: It’s all a matter of perspective

I often have people ask me whether I think a particular stock is expensive or priced correctly. Valuation is a much an art as a science, and what’s expensive to one person can appear bargain basement price to another. [Read more...]

What’s the risk of a major market crash and how should you mitigate it?

I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about when and if a correction will come. I just try and get along doing what I’m doing, and let my investments take their own course. However a recent article with an astonishing prediction caught my eye.   [Read more...]

My accumulation portfolio – getting back to basics

I’ve been doing a lot of different things in pursuit of financial independence. There still remains one area that I feel could do with a bit more work. I’m taking some steps to rectify that weakness today.

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Low yield is worth considering

Starting with stable, well established, consistent dividend growth payers should be part of the core of any investor’s portfolio. However there may be a case to look a little further afield to players that have lower yield. [Read more...]

Earnings season suggests we may move higher still

So earnings season is substantially concluded for almost all companies in my portfolio, US and Australian, income and growth. I was generally impressed by what I saw. Maybe the market does have higher to go still? [Read more...]

The Buffett Option Strategy

I’ve never been one to really contemplate an option strategy, though I’ve been intrigued at the prospect of options to generate income. I read a piece on an option strategy that Warren Buffet has put in place that has started to change my mind.  [Read more...]

Financial Independence Distraction or Opportunity?

I’ve received a very interesting work opportunity recently. I’m trying to work through whether this is a net boost to my financial independence or a potential diversion. [Read more...]

My rental portfolio: Q2 2014

While I don’t intend to do a rental update every quarter, last quarter marked a significant step for us on our quest for financial independence. [Read more...]

My Growth Portfolio Q2 2014

The 2nd quarter was a productive one as far as the growth portfolio was concerned. Here’s how things panned out.

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My Dividend Portfolio: Q2 2014

Q2 2014 dividends are in!  This update summarizes portfolio progress year to date for 2014.

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